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  • Joanne Piechota

    Joanne Piechota

    Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks. Photographer all other times: https://joannepiechota.com/

  • Craig Penfold

    Craig Penfold

    tech tinkerer, geek, do-er of stuff, chicken owner, laird of glencoe, Delivery & Ops Director at SEEK

  • Roshana Ariel

    Roshana Ariel

    Musician; writer; editor of text, audio, video and photos. I LOVE editing. I love editing my life to make it as clear, honest, beautiful and loving as possible.

  • Wilson Wong

    Wilson Wong

    I’m a professional data + product leader trained in comp + info science. I code, write, take photos for fun. https://wilsonwong.co

  • Kayla J Heffernan

    Kayla J Heffernan

    UX Design Lead. Passionate about solving ambiguous problems with accessible solutions. PhD’ing part time. www.kaylaheffernan.com

  • Brennan McEachran 👨‍🚀

    Brennan McEachran 👨‍🚀

    CEO, Co-Founder of @SoapBoxHQ. I split my time between the Business, the Tech, and @mrsmceachran

  • Helen Burns

    Helen Burns

  • Brian Rankin

    Brian Rankin

    Dad, beer lover, wanna-be school teacher, fascinated by team psychology, currently working for SEEK managing software teams in the search domain.

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