The Environment, Capitalism, and Technology — a review

  • the Industrial Revolution that hurt the earth
  • what Capitalism is, and what it isn’t
  • the different types of energy we could be using
  • why the crazy is winning on GMO’s
  • how to manage the global environment
  • how to make something from (practically) nothing
  • let free trade happen

The Industrial Revolution that hurt the earth

Photo by Robin Sommer on Unsplash
U.S. Real GDP and Total Energy Consumption, 1800–2017 — Source

What is and isn’t Capitalism?

What Capitalism is:

  • it’s getting goods and services into the hands of the people
  • it’s private companies who are primarily responsible for producing these goods and services
  • it means prices are not centrally controlled
  • it’s the voluntary exchange of people, goods and services

What Capitalism isn’t:

  • it’s not responsible for damage to the environment
  • it doesn’t stop people getting left behind
  • it doesn’t prevent inequality
  • it doesn’t prevent pollution
  • it doesn’t prevent species being lost to the earth

What types of energy should we be using?

We have one source of scalable energy — nuclear -and we’re running away from it

Mortality rate per energy source. Source

The crazy is winning on GMO’s

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

How to manage the global environment

The Chinese reduced particulate in the atmosphere by 30% in 4 years. The U.S. took 12 years to achieve the same thing.

Carbon dividends

Let’s make pollution expensive

Making something from nothing

Photo by Avi Waxman on Unsplash

Ephemeralization: Making more & more with less & less, until we make everything with nothing

  • swapping out one resource for another as rare earth metals disappear, we use something else
  • optimising our use of resources so everything runs more efficiently
  • evaporating a resource and replace it by nothing e.g. no need to print out maps or emails when you can use your phone for that.

Let free trade happen

Photo by Mariana Proença on Unsplash

Prosperity comes from free trade.

Let free trade happen




Love to write, love to read, love to write about books I’ve read

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Love to write, love to read, love to write about books I’ve read

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